Highlights from this Issue
More than mentoring: the importance of group culture for scientific integrity
Sizing up the genomic footprint of endosymbiosis
RNAi in X inactivation: contrasting findings on the role of interference
Dorsal closure in Drosophila : cells cannot get out of the tight spot
Growth plasticity of the embryonic and fetal heart
Synthetic cells and organelles: compartmentalization strategies
Iron metabolism: microbes, mouse, and man
Monoallelic gene expression and mammalian evolution
Thalidomide-induced limb defects: resolving a 50-year-old puzzle
Thinking in continua: beyond the “adaptive radiation” metaphor
Transcription-blocking DNA damage in aging: a mechanism for hormesis
A molecular model of chromatin organisation and transcription: how a multi-RNA polymerase II machine transcribes and remodels the β-globin locus during development
The Dictionary of Genomics, Transcriptomics, and Proteomics
Nature of methods in science: technology driven science versus science driven technology