Highlight from this Issue
A very sociable guy, or girl…
Resveratrol and rapamycin: are they anti-aging drugs?
Nucleocytoplasmic functions of the PDZ-LIM protein family: new insights into organ development
Eukaryotic cold shock domain proteins: highly versatile regulators of gene expression
Generation of branched actin networks: assembly and regulation of the N-WASP and WAVE molecular machines
Interspecific resources: a major tool for quantitative trait locus cloning and speciation research
Sperm-egg interaction: is there a link between tetraspanin(s) and GPI-anchored protein(s)?
The dynamic replicon: adapting to a changing cellular environment
Repeat performance: how do genome packaging and regulation depend on simple sequence repeats?
Understanding the evolution of multicellularity: insights from basal metazoans
Coming next month:
Plastics from E. coli
Looking again (carefully) at thalidomide
Outwitting evolution: We should pay as much for strategy as technology
Don't kiss the chimps
Imaging microbial interactions
Most Read
Probiotics prevent intestinal diseases
Drug resistance in cancer stem cell populations
Triple tag technique turns up tight and loose complexes
Life Sciences Industry
Collaboration on forensics
New center for Systems Biology
It pays to have an immune mother
DNA hybridization mechanisms
Chip-based breast tissue analysis
Melting your DNA
Watch 50 years of B&B on YouTube
Nutrient support for engineered tissue
Nano-spheres support axon recovery
Writing Tips
Blueprint for molecular basis of global warming
Environmental biosensors
Predicting the fate of underground carbon
Plasmid-based methods in mosses
Antibody production in algal chloroplasts
Polysaccharides from foam cultures
Focus on Biochips
Neglected tropical diseases
New online portal
Do you recognize this?
Toxicity of Nanomaterials