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Germline stem cell maintenance as a proximate mechanism of life-history trade-offs?
The “occlusis” model of cell fate restriction
MicroRNAs in CNS injury: Potential roles and therapeutic implications
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The scientific importance of asking questions at meetings: Why virtual debate is not enough
Genes that move the window of viability of life: Lessons from bacteria thriving at the cold extreme
The phage-host arms race: Shaping the evolution of microbes
Function and evolution of sex determination mechanisms, genes and pathways in insects
Identifying roles for neurotransmission in circuit assembly: Insights gained from multiple model systems and experimental approaches
Pathogenesis of CADASIL
How many proteins does a human have?
Bacterial infection in microfluidic devices
Pharmaceutical innovation - who are future leaders?
Climate change affects plant-microorganism interactions
Watching Gag change its conformation
IDAWG: In vivo isotopic labeling strategy
Identification of tumor cells by cytometry
Promoting retinal cell growth
Quantum dot interactions with blood cells
Viral quantum dot tracking
Control fatty acid in vivo
Tumor Angiogenesis
Handbook of Therapeutic Antibodies
An Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology
GFP-nanobody complexes
Imaging biofilms - From micro- and macroscale
An author - to be or not to be…
MicroRNA behind liver cancer
Less toxic anticancer drug
Lipid microspheres deliver toad venom
From warm- to cold-loving
Detecting spores of non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum
American Society for Nanomedicine, 2010 Conference highlights from WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotchnology
Functional protein microarray technology
From systems biology to biosystems engineering
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