BiotecVisions 2012, February (pages A1-A8)
Have we produced enough results yet, sir?
Does the speciation clock tick more slowly in the absence of heteromorphic sex chromosomes?
Stochastic gene expression stabilization as a new therapeutic strategy for cancer
Promiscuity in protein-RNA interactions: Conformational ensembles facilitate molecular recognition in the spliceosome
Gene regulatory networks reused to build novel traits
Histone crotonylation specifically marks the haploid male germ cell gene expression program
Factor mediated gene priming in pluripotent stem cells sets the stage for lineage specification
Molecular bioelectricity in developmental biology: New tools and recent discoveries
Purinergic signalling: Its unpopular beginning, its acceptance and its exciting future
Red algal parasites: Models for a life history evolution that leaves photosynthesis behind again and again
Scientific discovery as a combinatorial optimisation problem: How best to navigate the landscape of possible experiments?
Genetics and genomics in wildlife studies: Implications for ecology, evolution, and conservation biology
Searching for Eve: Basal metazoans and the evolution of multicellular complexity