Between cell-level damage theories of ageing and whole organisms
Teaching peers to talk to peers
Does human evolution in different latitudes influence susceptibility to obesity via the circadian pacemaker?
On the cause of aging and control of lifespan
Ohno's hypothesis and Muller's paradox: Sex chromosome dosage compensation may serve collective gene functions
Neurospora as a model to empirically test central hypotheses in eukaryotic genome evolution
Should Y stay or should Y go: The evolution of non-recombining sex chromosomes
Early life stress and telomere length: Investigating the connection and possible mechanisms
Control of osteogenesis by the canonical Wnt and BMP pathways in vivo
Genome instability: Does genetic diversity amplification drive tumorigenesis?
Chaperone discovery
New genes expressed in human brains: Implications for annotating evolving genomes
Synthesizing artificial cells from giant unilamellar vesicles: State-of-the art in the development of microfluidic technology
BiotecVisions 2012, October (pages A1-A8)