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Whither the gonads? (Comment on DOI 10.1002/bies.201200081)
Brain estrogen signaling effects acute modulation of acoustic communication behaviors: A working hypothesis
The metastatic cancer cell cortex: An adaptation to enhance robust cell division in novel environments?
Evidence for a cell cycle checkpoint that senses branched actin in the lamellipodium
Introns in UTRs: Why we should stop ignoring them
Sequencing of rhesus macaque Y chromosome clarifies origins and evolution of the DAZ ( Deleted in AZoospermia ) genes
Optimizing α for better statistical decisions: A case study involving the pace-of-life syndrome hypothesis
Sex influences immune responses to viruses, and efficacy of prophylaxis and treatments for viral diseases
When a domain is not a domain, and why it is important to properly filter proteins in databases
Looping in on Ndc80 – How does a protein loop at the kinetochore control chromosome segregation?
How did bacterial ancestors reproduce? Lessons from L-form cells and giant lipid vesicles
Rethinking origins of multicellularity: Convergent evolution of epithelia in plants
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