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BioEssays in non-coding RNAs: A special collection of recent content
Hypothesis: Local dNTP depletion as the cause of microsatellite repeat instability during replication (Comment on DOI 10.1002/bies.201200128)
Inhibition of DNA synthesis facilitates expansion of low-complexity repeats
Quality control of mitochondria during aging: Is there a good and a bad side of mitochondrial dynamics?
tRNA modifications: Necessary for correct tRNA-derived fragments during the recovery from stress?
Potential agricultural benefits through biotechnological manipulation of plant fungal associations
Why coelacanths are not ‘living fossils’
Multicellularity arose several times in the evolution of eukaryotes (Response to DOI 10.1002/bies.201100187)
How winner cells cause the demise of loser cells
Tuning a ménage à trois: Co-evolution and co-adaptation of nuclear and organellar genomes in plants
A mathematical basis for plant patterning derived from physico-chemical phenomena
Bag6/Bat3/Scythe: A novel chaperone activity with diverse regulatory functions in protein biogenesis and degradation
Identifying the genomic determinants of aging and longevity in human population studies: Progress and challenges
How do mammalian transposons induce genetic variation? A conceptual framework