On the state of scientific English and how to improve it – Part 9 : Commas re-visited: Small, but very powerful…
Ancient origin for the axochord: A putative notochord homolog (Comment on DOI 10.1002/bies.201500027)
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Did the notochord evolve from an ancient axial muscle? The axochord hypothesis
“Hit-and-Run” leaves its mark: Catalyst transcription factors and chromatin modification
Understanding replication fork progression, stability, and chromosome fragility by exploiting the Suppressor of Underreplication protein
Many paths lead chromatin to the nuclear periphery
Mitochondrial quality control pathways as determinants of metabolic health
Evolution of vertebrate adaptive immunity: Immune cells and tissues, and AID/APOBEC cytidine deaminases
Significance of transcytosis in Alzheimer's disease: BACE1 takes the scenic route to axons
Deciphering the protein-RNA recognition code: Combining large-scale quantitative methods with structural biology
Mouse models of colorectal cancer as preclinical models
Luminescent sensing and imaging of oxygen: Fierce competition to the Clark electrode