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The evolution of “evo-devo”
What does the study of intranuclear chromatin conformation tell us? Proximity? Yes. Interaction? No
The versatile low-molecular-weight thiols: Beyond cell protection
Birth of the eukaryotes by a set of reactive innovations: New insights force us to relinquish gradual models
Targeting tumor suppressor genes for cancer therapy
Recombinational DNA repair is regulated by compartmentalization of DNA lesions at the nuclear pore complex
Tumor-induced solid stress activates β-catenin signaling to drive malignant behavior in normal, tumor-adjacent cells
ER contact sites direct late endosome transport
How cooperatively breeding birds identify relatives and avoid incest: New insights into dispersal and kin recognition
Tumor-derived microvesicles in the tumor microenvironment: How vesicle heterogeneity can shape the future of a rapidly expanding field
GC-biased gene conversion links the recombination landscape and demography to genomic base composition : GC-biased gene conversion drives genomic base composition across a wide range of species
Innate immunity against molecular mimicry: Examining galectin-mediated antimicrobial activity
Abscisic acid and other plant hormones: Methods to visualize distribution and signaling
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