BioEssays 1/2017
BioEssays 1/2017
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How to make a sterile helper
Sequence‐specific targeting of chromatin remodelers organizes precisely positioned nucleosomes throughout the genome
Coupling immunity and programmed cell suicide in prokaryotes : Life‐or‐death choices
Tubulin transport in cilia : How many tubulin cargo‐binding sites per IFT particle? (retrospective on DOI 10.1002/bies.201400007)
Hold on to your friends : Dedicated chaperones of ribosomal proteins
The neurobiology of parenting : A neural circuit perspective
What drives parallel evolution? : How population size and mutational variation contribute to repeated evolution
DNA demethylation pathways : Additional players and regulators
Beyond force generation : Why is a dynamic ring of FtsZ polymers essential for bacterial cytokinesis?
The origin of animals : Can molecular clocks and the fossil record be reconciled?
Integrin and cadherin clusters : A robust way to organize adhesions for cell mechanics
Helping r‐proteins on their way to maturity : Chaperones for the royals of the protein world…
Is H3K4me3 instructive for transcription activation?
BioEssays 1/2017