Interindividual epigenetic variability : Sound or noise?
Mitochondrial heterogeneity, metabolic scaling and cell death
BioEssays 7/2017
BioEssays 7/2017
BioEssays 7/2017
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BioEssays 7/2017
The One Past Health workshop : connecting ancient DNA and zoonosis research
Genetic suppression : Extending our knowledge from lab experiments to natural populations
How exaptations facilitated photosensory evolution : Seeing the light by accident
Tension sensors reveal how the kinetochore shares its load
The evolution of photoreception and vision : Or the blind watchmaker gone mad?
Mechanisms of suppression : The wiring of genetic resilience
Why the missing heritability might not be in the DNA
A tool for integrating genetic and mass spectrometry‐based peptide data : Proteogenomics Viewer
Local sampling paints a global picture : Local concentration measurements sense direction in complex chemical gradients
Revisiting the chromosome separation checkpoint (retrospective on DOI 10.1002/bies.201400140)
The proteasome enters the meiotic prophase fray