Arranging eukaryotic nuclear DNA polymerases for replication : Specific interactions with accessory proteins arrange Pols α, δ, and ε in the replisome for leading‐strand and lagging‐strand DNA replication
Synthetic essentiality : Targeting tumor suppressor deficiencies in cancer
Break‐induced replication links microsatellite expansion to complex genome rearrangements
Long‐term evolution of viruses : A Janus‐faced balance
Oxidative stress management in the hair follicle : Could targeting NRF2 counter age‐related hair disorders and beyond?
How bacterial cell division might cheat turgor pressure – a unified mechanism of septal division in Gram‐positive and Gram‐negative bacteria
Crediting curiosity and creativity in young scientists : Beyond the standard publication record …
Multisensory neural integration of chemical and mechanical signals
Brain carnitine deficiency causes nonsyndromic autism with an extreme male bias : A hypothesis
BioEssays 8/2017
BioEssays 8/2017
BioEssays 8/2017
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A tribute to D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson : Elucidation of a developmental principle
Cellular compartmentation follows rules : The Schnepf theorem, its consequences and exceptions
Cancer adaptations : Atavism, de novo selection, or something in between?
Phototoxicity in live fluorescence microscopy, and how to avoid it