Special Issue: Yoga, Meditation, and Applied Psychophysiology
BCIA Certification by Prior Experience Provides an Alternative Path for Qualified Biofeedback and Neurofeedback Professionals
Growing Interest in Meditation in the United States
State-Enlivening and Practice-Makes-Perfect Approaches to Meditation
Neurophysiological Changes in Meditation Correlated with Descriptions from the Ancient Texts
Yoga as Therapy in Psychiatric Disorders: Past, Present, and Future
Meditation in Higher Education: The Question of Change, a Current Problem, and Evidence Toward a Solution
Biofeedback, Meditation, and Mindfulness
The Gifts of Illness: A Buddhist Perspective
QEEG Accepted in Death Penalty Trial in Florida v. Nelson
Clinical Use of a One Hertz Bin Electroencephalography Assessment to Distinguish Elite from Less Elite and Typical from Atypical Athlete Profiles