A Novel Human Gene (WDR25) Encoding a 7-WD40-Containing Protein Maps on 14q32

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Members of the large family of WD-repeat proteins are involved in diverse functions such as RNA-procession, signal transduction, vesicular trafficking, cytoskeletal assembly, and cell cycle control. By large-scale-sequencing analysis of a human fetal brain cDNA library, we isolated a novel human cDNA encoding a 7-WD40-repeat protein. This cDNA is 2004 bp in length and it codes for a 544-amino-acid protein. We term it human WD40-repeat-containing gene 25 (WDR25) and this gene shows significant similarity with human pre-mRNA splicing factor 17. The WDR25 gene is mapped to chromosome 14q32 and contains seven exons. RT-PCR analysis shows that the WDR25 gene is widely expressed in human tissues and the expression levers in heart, muscle, testis, ovary, uterus, and prostate are relatively high.

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