Xylem sap as a pathway for total mercury and methylmercury transport from soils to tree canopy in the boreal forest
Microwave digestion and analysis of foliage for total mercury by cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectroscopy
An examination of current Hg deposition and export in Fenno-Scandian catchments
The chemistry and transport of mercury in a small wetland in the Adirondack region of New York, USA
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Fluxes of mercury to lake sediments in central and northern Canada inferred from dated sediment cores
Temperature, growth and dietary effects on fish mercury dynamics in two Ontario lakes
The use of polynomial regression analysis with indicator variables for interpretation of mercury in fish data
Different mercury bioaccumulation rates between sympatric populations of dwarf and normal lake whitefish (Coregonus clupeaformis) in the La Grande complex watershed, James Bay, Québec
Fish mercury levels in relation to characteristics of hydroelectric reservoirs in Newfoundland, Canada
Accumulation of mercury in estuarine food chains
Behavior of mercury in the Patuxent River estuary
The effect of selenium and organic material in lake sediments on the bioaccumulation of methylmercury by Lumbriculus variegatus (oligochaeta)
System controls on the aqueous distribution of mercury in the northern Florida Everglades
Effect of urban sewage treatment on total and methyl mercury concentrations in effluents
Diel variability of mercury phase and species distributions in the Florida Everglades*
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