Towards an ecological understanding of biological nitrogen fixation
Dinitrogen fixation in the world's oceans
The origin, composition and rates of organic nitrogen deposition
Anthropogenic nitrogen sources and relationships to riverine nitrogen export in the northeastern U.S.A.
Sources of nitrate in rivers draining sixteen watersheds in the northeastern U.S.
Nitrogen retention in rivers
Forest nitrogen sinks in large eastern U.S. watersheds
Where did all the nitrogen go? Fate of nitrogen inputs to large watersheds in the northeastern U.S.A.
A comparison of models for estimating the riverine export of nitrogen from large watersheds
Regional analysis of inorganic nitrogen yield and retention in high-elevation ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains
Yield of nitrogen from minimally disturbed watersheds of the United States
Nitrogen budgets for the Republic of Korea and the Yellow Sea region
Regional nitrogen budgets for China and its major watersheds
Landscape, regional and global estimates of nitrogen flux from land to sea
Policy implications of human-accelerated nitrogen cycling†
Note added in proof*