Biogases in tidal European estuaries : the BIOGEST project
Distribution of phytoplankton pigments in nine European estuaries and implications for an estuarine typology
The carbon dioxide system in the Elbe estuary
Distribution and air-water exchange of carbon dioxide in the Scheldt plume off the Belgian coast
Atmospheric emission and cycling of carbon monoxide in the Scheldt Estuary
Methane distribution in European tidal estuaries
Spatial and temporal variability of dissolved sulfur compounds in European estuaries
Volatile halogenated organic compounds in European estuaries
Volatile organotin compounds (butylmethyltin) in three European estuaries (Gironde, Rhine, Scheldt)
Formation and volatilisation of alkyl-iodides and -selenides in macrotidal estuaries
Application of a transport-reaction model to the estimation of biogas fluxes in the Scheldt estuary