Organic Biogeochemistry of Detrital Flocculent Material (Floc) in a Subtropical, Coastal Wetland
Nitrogen Behaviour and Nitrous Oxide Emission in the Tidal Seine River Estuary (France) as Influenced by Human Activities in the Upstream Watershed
Cross-site Comparison of Variability of DOC and Nitrate c-q Hysteresis during the Autumn-winter Period in Three Mediterranean Headwater Streams
Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations on CH4 and N2O Emission from Rice Soil
Porewater Stoichiometry of Terminal Metabolic Products, Sulfate, and Dissolved Organic Carbon and Nitrogen in Estuarine Intertidal Creek-bank Sediments
Effect of Reduced Winter Precipitation and Increased Temperature on Watershed Solute Flux, 1988-2002, Northern Michigan
Escalating Worldwide use of Urea - A Global Change Contributing to Coastal Eutrophication