Cellular coenzyme Q10 redox poise constitutes a major cell metabolic and gene regulatory system*
A personal retrospective on the genetics of aging*
Stress-induced premature senescence
Reasons for the degeneration of ageing skeletal muscle
Age-related atrophy of rat soleus muscle is accompanied by changes in fibre type composition, bioenergy decline and mtDNA rearrangements*
Stochastic mitochondrial DNA changes
The effects of ageing on the response to cardiac surgery
Interfibrillar cardiac mitochondrial comples III defects in the aging rat heart*
Influence of ageing on the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal medulla at rest and during stress*
Excited to death
The SAMP8 mouse
A model for a blinding eye disease of the aged*
The anorexia of ageing*
Vitamin D deficiency and aging
Mechanisms involved in bone resorption*
Osteoarthritis, genetic and molecular mechanisms*
Pathways defective in the human premature aging disease Werner syndrome*,**
Induction of DNA damage by oxidised amino acids and proteins*
How to re-energise old mitochondria without shooting yourself in the foot*
Signaling on telomerase
Hormetic action of mild heat stress decreases the inducibility of protein oxidation and glycoxidation in human fibroblasts*
Protein degradation during aging
The bifunctional activity of ubiquinone in lysosomal membranes*
The proteomics of ageing*
Effect of age on scramblase content in human platelets*
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