Dolichol : an essential part in the antioxidant machinery of cell membranes?*
Effect of increasing age on tissue dolichol levels in ad libitum fed and food-restricted rats*
The fate of dolichol in rat cells and tissues*
New perspectives for (S)-dolichol and (S)-nordolichol synthesis and biological functions*
The effect of carbon tetrachloride and ultraviolet radiation on dolichol levels in liver cells isolated from 3- and 24-month-old male Sprague-Dawley rats*
Age-related changes of isoprenoid biosynthesis in rat liver and brain*
Dolichol : a solar filter with UV-absorbing properties which can be photoenhanced*
Reproduction and survival in Mediterranean fruit flies : a “protein and energy” free radical model of aging
Errors, mitochondrial dysfunction and ageing
“I thought, thought, thought for four months in vain and suddenly the idea came” – an interview with Denham and Helen Harman
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