Differential expressions of antioxidant status in aging rats:
Changes of brain activity in the aged SAMP mouse
Daily consumption of green tea catechin delays memory regression in aged mice
Supplementation with a complex of active nutrients improved dermal and epidermal characteristics in skin equivalents generated from fibroblasts from young or aged donors
Homocysteine induces DNA damage and alterations in proliferative capacity of T-lymphocytes:
Association of the F352V variant of the Klotho gene with bone mineral density
Carnosine, taurine and enzyme activities of human skeletal muscle fibres from elderly subjects with osteoarthritis and young moderately active subjects
Alpha1-antitrypsin heterozygosity plays a positive role in attainment of longevity
An evolutionary heterogeneity model of late-life fecundity in Drosophila
Telomerase activity in HeLa cervical carcinoma cell line proliferation
GM-CSF activates the Jak/STAT pathway to rescue polymorphonuclear neutrophils from spontaneous apoptosis in young but not elderly individuals
PTH regulation of c-Jun terminal kinase and p38 MAPK cascades in intestinal cells from young and aged rats
Superoxide dismutase activities in long-lived Drosophila melanogaster females:
Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulphate Enhances IgG and Interferon-Gamma Production During Immunization to Tuberculosis in Young But not Aged Mice
Dietary restriction, glycolysis, hormesis and ageing
Survival and longevity improvements at extreme ages: