OmicBrowse: a browser of multidimensional omics annotations

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OmicBrowse is a browser to explore multiple datasets coordinated in the multidimensional omic space integrating omics knowledge ranging from genomes to phenomes and connecting evolutional correspondences among multiple species. OmicBrowse integrates multiple data servers into a single omic space through secure peer-to-peer server communications, so that a user can easily obtain an integrated view of distributed data servers, e.g. an integrated view of numerous whole-genome tiling-array data retrieved from a user's in-house private-data server, along with various genomic annotations from public internet servers. OmicBrowse is especially appropriate for positional-cloning purposes. It displays both genetic maps and genomic annotations within wide chromosomal intervals and assists a user to select candidate genes by filtering their annotations or associated documents against user-specified keywords or ontology terms. We also show that an omic-space chart effectively represents schemes for integrating multiple datasets of multiple species.

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