APOPTO-CELL—a simulation tool and interactive database for analyzing cellular susceptibility to apoptosis

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We have developed a web service that provides a comprehensive analysis of the susceptibility of cells to undergo apoptosis in response to an activation of the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway. Based on ordinary differential equations, (pre-determined) protein concentrations and release kinetics of mitochondrial pro-apoptotic factors, a network of 52 reactions and 19 reaction partners can be employed as a tool to display temporal protein profiles, to identify key regulatory proteins and to determine critical threshold concentrations required for the execution of apoptosis in HeLa cancer cells or other cell types. The web service also provides an interactive database function for the deposition of cell-type-specific quantitative data. In addition, the web service provides an output that can be compared directly to experimental results obtained from real-time single-cell experiments, making this a widely applicable systems biology tool for apoptosis and cancer researchers.

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