ELECANS—an integrated model development environment for multiscale cancer systems biology

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Computational multiscale models help cancer biologists to study the spatiotemporal dynamics of complex biological systems and to reveal the underlying mechanism of emergent properties. Results: To facilitate the construction of such models, we have developed a next generation modelling platform for cancer systems biology, termed ‘ELECANS’ (electronic cancer system). It is equipped with a graphical user interface-based development environment for multiscale modelling along with a software development kit such that hierarchically complex biological systems can be conveniently modelled and simulated by using the graphical user interface/software development kit combination. Associated software accessories can also help users to perform post-processing of the simulation data for visualization and further analysis. In summary, ELECANS is a new modelling platform for cancer systems biology and provides a convenient and flexible modelling and simulation environment that is particularly useful for those without an intensive programming background.

Availability and implementation:

ELECANS, its associated software accessories, demo examples, documentation and issues database are freely available at http://sbie.kaist.ac.kr/sub_0204.php



Supplementary information:

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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