PinSnps: structural and functional analysis of SNPs in the context of protein interaction networks

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Summary: We present a practical computational pipeline to readily perform data analyses of protein–protein interaction networks by using genetic and functional information mapped onto protein structures. We provide a 3D representation of the available protein structure and its regions (surface, interface, core and disordered) for the selected genetic variants and/or SNPs, and a prediction of the mutants’ impact on the protein as measured by a range of methods. We have mapped in total 2587 genetic disorder-related SNPs from OMIM, 587 873 cancer-related variants from COSMIC, and 1 484 045 SNPs from dbSNP. All result data can be downloaded by the user together with an R-script to compute the enrichment of SNPs/variants in selected structural regions.

Availability and Implementation: PinSnps is available as open-access service at

Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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