PRESS: PRotEin S-Sulfenylation server

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Motivation: Transient S-sulfenylation of cysteine thiols mediated by reactive oxygen species plays a critical role in pathology, physiology and cell signaling. Therefore, discovery of new S-sulfenylated sites in proteins is of great importance towards understanding how protein function is regulated upon redox conditions.

Results: We developed PRESS (PRotEin S-Sulfenylation) web server, a server which can effectively predict the cysteine thiols of a protein that could undergo S-sulfenylation under redox conditions. We envisage that this server will boost and facilitate the discovery of new and currently unknown functions of proteins triggered upon redox conditions, signal regulation and transduction, thus uncovering the role of S-sulfenylation in human health and disease.

Availability and implementation: The PRESS web server is freely available at or

Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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