Pro54DB: a database for experimentally verified sigma-54 promoters

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In prokaryotes, the σ54 promoters are unique regulatory elements and have attracted much attention because they are in charge of the transcription of carbon and nitrogen-related genes and participate in numerous ancillary processes and environmental responses. All findings on σ54 promoters are favorable for a better understanding of their regulatory mechanisms in gene transcription and an accurate discovery of genes missed by the wet experimental evidences. In order to provide an up-to-date, interactive and extensible database for σ54 promoter, a free and easy accessed database called Pro54DB (σ54 promoter database) was built to collect information of σ54 promoter. In the current version, it has stored 210 experimental-confirmed σ54 promoters with 297 regulated genes in 43 species manually extracted from 133 publications, which is helpful for researchers in fields of bioinformatics and molecular biology.

Availability and Implementation:

Pro54DB is freely available on the web at with all major browsers supported.

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