GDISC: a web portal for integrative analysis of gene-drug interaction for survival in cancer

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Survival analysis has been applied to The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) data. Although drug exposure records are available in TCGA, existing survival analyses typically did not consider drug exposure, partly due to naming inconsistencies in the data. We have spent extensive effort to standardize the drug exposure data, which enabled us to perform survival analysis on drug-stratified subpopulations of cancer patients. Using this strategy, we integrated gene copy number data, drug exposure data and patient survival data to infer gene-drug interactions that impact survival. The collection of all analyzed gene-drug interactions in 32 cancer types are organized and presented in a searchable web-portal called gene-drug Interaction for survival in cancer (GDISC). GDISC allows biologists and clinicians to interactively explore the gene-drug interactions identified in the context of TCGA, and discover interactions associated to their favorite cancer, drug and/or gene of interest. In addition, GDISC provides the standardized drug exposure data, which is a valuable resource for developing new methods for drug-specific analysis.

Availability and Implementation:

GDISC is available at


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