PMAnalyzer: a new web interface for bacterial growth curve analysis

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Bacterial growth curves are essential representations for characterizing bacteria metabolism within a variety of media compositions. Using high-throughput, spectrophotometers capable of processing tens of 96-well plates, quantitative phenotypic information can be easily integrated into the current data structures that describe a bacterial organism. The PMAnalyzer pipeline performs a growth curve analysis to parameterize the unique features occurring within microtiter wells containing specific growth media sources. We have expanded the pipeline capabilities and provide a user-friendly, online implementation of this automated pipeline. PMAnalyzer version 2.0 provides fast automatic growth curve parameter analysis, growth identification and high resolution figures of sample-replicate growth curves and several statistical analyses.

Availability and Implementation:

PMAnalyzer v2.0 can be found at Source code for the pipeline can be found on GitHub at Source code for the online implementation can be found on GitHub at


Supplementary information:

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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