CImbinator: a web-based tool for drug synergy analysis in small- and large-scale datasets

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Motivation:Drug synergies are sought to identify combinations of drugs particularly beneficial. User-friendly software solutions that can assist analysis of large-scale datasets are required.Results:CImbinator is a web-service that can aid in batch-wise and in-depth analyzes of data from small-scale and large-scale drug combination screens. CImbinator offers to quantify drug combination effects, using both the commonly employed median effect equation, as well as advanced experimental mathematical models describing dose response relationships.Availability and Implementation:CImbinator is written in Ruby and R. It uses the R package drc for advanced drug response modeling. CImbinator is available at, the source-code is open and available at A Docker image is also available at or miguel.vazquez@cnio.esSupplementary information:Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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