DMINDA 2.0: integrated and systematic views of regulatory DNA motif identification and analyses

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Motivation:Motif identification and analyses are important and have been long-standing computational problems in bioinformatics. Substantial efforts have been made in this field during the past several decades. However, the lack of intuitive and integrative web servers impedes the progress of making effective use of emerging algorithms and tools.Results:Here we present an integrated web server, DMINDA 2.0, which contains: (i) five motif prediction and analyses algorithms, including a phylogenetic footprinting framework; (ii) 2125 species with complete genomes to support the above five functions, covering animals, plants and bacteria and (iii) bacterial regulon prediction and visualization.Availability and Implementation:DMINDA 2.0 is freely available at information:Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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