Probability Map Viewer: near real-time probability map generator of serial block electron microscopy collections

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Summary:To expedite the review of semi-automated probability maps of organelles and other features from 3D electron microscopy data we have developed Probability Map Viewer, a Java-based web application that enables the computation and visualization of probability map generation results in near real-time as the data are being collected from the microscope. Probability Map Viewer allows the user to select one or more voxel classifiers, apply them on a sub-region of an active collection, and visualize the results as overlays on the raw data via any web browser using a personal computer or mobile device. Thus, Probability Map Viewer accelerates and informs the image analysis workflow by providing a tool for experimenting with and optimizing dataset-specific segmentation strategies during imaging.Availability and implementation: information:Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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