DynaPho: a web platform for inferring the dynamics of time-series phosphoproteomics

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Large-scale phosphoproteomics studies have improved our understanding of dynamic cellular signaling, but the downstream analysis of phosphoproteomics data is still a bottleneck. We develop DynaPho, a useful web-based tool providing comprehensive and in-depth analyses of time-course phosphoproteomics data, making analysis intuitive and accessible to non-bioinformatics experts. The tool currently implements five analytic modules, which reveal the transition of biological pathways, kinase activity, dynamics of interaction networks and the predicted kinase-substrate associations. These features can assist users in translating their larger-scale time-course phosphoproteomics data into valuable biological discoveries.

Availability and implementation

DynaPho is freely available at http://dynapho.jhlab.tw/.


hsuancheng@ym.edu.tw or yukijuan@ntu.edu.tw.

Supplementary information

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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