FATHMM-XF: accurate prediction of pathogenic point mutations via extended features

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We present FATHMM-XF, a method for predicting pathogenic point mutations in the human genome. Drawing on an extensive feature set, FATHMM-XF outperforms competitors on benchmark tests, particularly in non-coding regions where the majority of pathogenic mutations are likely to be found.

Availability and implementation

The FATHMM-XF web server is available at http://fathmm.biocompute.org.uk/fathmm-xf/, and as tracks on the Genome Tolerance Browser: http://gtb.biocompute.org.uk. Predictions are provided for human genome version GRCh37/hg19. The data used for this project can be downloaded from: http://fathmm.biocompute.org.uk/fathmm-xf/

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