Delta: a new web-based 3D genome visualization and analysis platform

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SummaryDelta is an integrative visualization and analysis platform to facilitate visually annotating and exploring the 3D physical architecture of genomes. Delta takes Hi-C or ChIA-PET contact matrix as input and predicts the topologically associating domains and chromatin loops in the genome. It then generates a physical 3D model which represents the plausible consensus 3D structure of the genome. Delta features a highly interactive visualization tool which enhances the integration of genome topology/physical structure with extensive genome annotation by juxtaposing the 3D model with diverse genomic assay outputs. Finally, by visually comparing the 3D model of the β-globin gene locus and its annotation, we speculated a plausible transitory interaction pattern in the locus. Experimental evidence was found to support this speculation by literature survey. This served as an example of intuitive hypothesis testing with the help of Delta.Availability and implementationDelta is freely accessible from, and the source code is available at informationSupplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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