MIIC online: a web server to reconstruct causal or non-causal networks from non-perturbative data

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We present a web server running the MIIC algorithm, a network learning method combining constraint-based and information-theoretic frameworks to reconstruct causal, non-causal or mixed networks from non-perturbative data, without the need for an a priori choice on the class of reconstructed network. Starting from a fully connected network, the algorithm first removes dispensable edges by iteratively subtracting the most significant information contributions from indirect paths between each pair of variables. The remaining edges are then filtered based on their confidence assessment or oriented based on the signature of causality in observational data. MIIC online server can be used for a broad range of biological data, including possible unobserved (latent) variables, from single-cell gene expression data to protein sequence evolution and outperforms or matches state-of-the-art methods for either causal or non-causal network reconstruction.

Availability and implementation

MIIC online can be freely accessed at https://miic.curie.fr.

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