NeSSie: a tool for the identification of approximate DNA sequence symmetries

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Motivation:Non-B DNA conformations play an important role in genomic rearrangements, structural three-dimensional organization and gene regulation. Many non-B DNA structures show symmetrical properties as palindromes and mirrors that can form hairpins, cruciform structures or triplexes. A comprehensive tool, capable to perform a fast genome wide search for exact and degenerate symmetrical patterns, is needed for further investigating nucleotide tracts potentially forming non-B DNA structures.Results:We developed NeSSie, an easily customizable C/C++ 64-bit library and tool, based on dynamic programming, to quickly scan for perfect and degenerate DNA palindromes, mirrors and potential triplex forming patterns. In addition, the tool computes linguistic complexity and Shannon entropy measures to verify the repetitive nature of the DNA regions enriched in these motifs. As a case study, the analysis of the Mycobacterium bovis genome is presented.Availability and implementation: and information:Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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