A relational schema for both array-based and SAGE gene expression experiments
Validating clustering for gene expression data
Use of keyword hierarchies to interpret gene expression patterns
A new approach to sequence comparison : normalized sequence alignment
Limits of homology detection by pairwise sequence comparison
NIFAS : visual analysis of domain evolution in proteins
Multi-class protein fold recognition using support vector machines and neural networks
Mining literature for protein–protein interactions
Strategies for the development of a peptide computer
J-Express : exploring gene expression data using Java
DeFries–Fulker multiple regression analysis of sibship QTL data : a SAS® macro
Mocca : semi-automatic method for domain hunting
PALI : a database of alignments and phylogeny of homologous protein structures
STRAP : editor for STRuctural Alignments of Proteins
ProDDO : a database of disordered proteins from the Protein Data Bank (PDB)
MutaProt : a web interface for structural analysis of point mutations
ATV : display and manipulation of annotated phylogenetic trees
PhyloBLAST : facilitating phylogenetic analysis of BLAST results