LDB2000 : sequence-based integrated maps of the human genome
Extending traditional query-based integration approaches for functional characterization of post-genomic data
Identifying the 3′-terminal exon in human DNA
Identifying target sites for cooperatively binding factors
Conformational model for binding site recognition by the E.coli MetJ transcription factor
Automated image analysis for array hybridization experiments
Semi-automated update and cleanup of structural RNA alignment databases
Evaluation of methods for the prediction of membrane spanning regions
An integrated system for high throughput TaqMan™ based SNP genotyping
MEDUSA : large scale automatic selection and visual assessment of PCR primer pairs
Visualization of expression clusters using Sammon's non-linear mapping
ADAPTSITE : detecting natural selection at single amino acid sites
PAL : an object-oriented programming library for molecular evolution and phylogenetics
T-REX : reconstructing and visualizing phylogenetic trees and reticulation networks
A Java applet for visualizing protein–protein interaction