Information Concept in Biology
A heuristic managing errors for DNA sequencing
The generation of long telomere overhangs in human cells
Detecting cryptically simple protein sequences using the SIMPLE algorithm
Sequence complexity profiles of prokaryotic genomic sequences
Support vector machines with selective kernel scaling for protein classification and identification of key amino acid positions
Characterization of the folding degree of proteins
Extraction of knowledge on protein—protein interaction by association rule discovery
Evaluation of computational metabolic-pathway predictions for Helicobacter pylori
Identifying good diagnostic gene groups from gene expression profiles using the concept of emerging patterns
Adaptive quality-based clustering of gene expression profiles
Unsupervised technique for robust target separation and analysis of DNA microarray spots through adaptive pixel clustering
Gene structure identification with MyGV using cDNA evidence and protein homologs to improve ab initio predictions
The Sulfinator
A bioinformatics tool to select sequences for microarray studies of mouse models of oncogenesis