Exon discovery by genomic sequence alignment
A Bayesian network model for protein fold and remote homologue recognition
Confidence measures for protein fold recognition
Visualizing metabolic activity on a genome-wide scale
Modelling biological processes using workflow and Petri Net models
Adaptive algorithm of automated annotation
A novel approach to local reliability of sequence alignments
The chemical organization of signaling interactions
Hybrid alignment
Global analysis of tandem aromatic octapeptide repeats
AiO, combining DNA/protein programs and oligo-management
Synonymous–non-synonymous mutation rates between sequences containing ambiguous nucleotides (Syn-SCAN)
Arrayplot for visualization and normalization of cDNA microarray data
MOUSE (Mitochondrial and Other Useful SEquences) a compilation of population genetic markers
DeFries–Fulker multiple regression analysis of sibship QTL data