ISMB 2002
ISMB 2002 Organization
Mining viral protease data to extract cleavage knowledge
The metric space of proteins—comparative study of clustering algorithms
DNA sequence and structure : direct and indirect recognition in protein-DNA binding
Beyond tandem repeats : complex pattern structures and distant regions of similarity
The POPPs : clustering and searching using peptide probability profiles
A sequence-profile-based HMM for predicting and discriminating β barrel membrane proteins
Fully automated ab initio protein structure prediction using I-SITES, HMMSTR and ROSETTA
Prediction of contact maps by GIOHMMs and recurrent neural networks using lateral propagation from all four cardinal corners
Rate4Site : an algorithmic tool for the identification of functional regions in proteins by surface mapping of evolutionary determinants within their homologues
Inferring sub-cellular localization through automated lexical analysis
Support vector regression applied to the determination of the developmental age of a Drosophila embryo from its segmentation gene expression patterns
Variance stabilization applied to microarray data calibration and to the quantification of differential expression
A variance-stabilizing transformation for gene-expression microarray data
Binary tree-structured vector quantization approach to clustering and visualizing microarray data
Linking gene expression data with patient survival times using partial least squares
Microarray synthesis through multiple-use PCR primer design
Discovering statistically significant biclusters in gene expression data
Co-clustering of biological networks and gene expression data
Statistical process control for large scale microarray experiments
Evaluating machine learning approaches for aiding probe selection for gene-expression arrays
The degenerate primer design problem
Splicing graphs and EST assembly problem
Exact genetic linkage computations for general pedigrees
Assigning probes into a small number of pools separable by electrophoresis
Representing genetic sequence data for pharmacogenomics : an evolutionary approach using ontological and relational models
Evaluating functional network inference using simulations of complex biological systems
The Pathway Tools software
Discovering regulatory and signalling circuits in molecular interaction networks
Modelling regulatory pathways in E. coli from time series expression profiles
Of truth and pathways : chasing bits of information through myriads of articles
Minreg : Inferring an active regulator set
Marginalized kernels for biological sequences
A tree kernel to analyse phylogenetic profiles
Statistically based postprocessing of phylogenetic analysis by clustering
Efficiently detecting polymorphisms during the fragment assembly process
Multiple genome rearrangement : a general approach via the evolutionary genome graph
Efficient multiple genome alignment
PseudoViewer : automatic visualization of RNA pseudoknots
A powerful non-homology method for the prediction of operons in prokaryotes
Identifying operons and untranslated regions of transcripts using Escherichia coli RNA expression analysis
Detecting recombination with MCMC
Finding composite regulatory patterns in DNA sequences