Accomplishments and challenges in literature data mining for biology
The presence of signal peptide significantly affects transmembrane topology prediction
Computational antisense oligo prediction with a neural network model
Comparing expression profiles of genes with similar promoter regions
Robust estimators for expression analysis
Analysis of high density expression microarrays with signed-rank call algorithms
Between-group analysis of microarray data
Calculation of the minimum number of replicate spots required for detection of significant gene expression fold change in microarray experiments
A decomposition model to track gene expression signatures
Partial least squares proportional hazard regression for application to DNA microarray survival data
Statistical analysis of high-density oligonucleotide arrays
Modeling the percolation of annotation errors in a database of protein sequences
Local structure-based sequence profile database for local and global protein structure predictions
Structure–dependent sequence alignment for remotely related proteins
A hierarchical approach to aligning collinear regions of genomes
Oligodb—interactive design of oligo DNA for transcription profiling of human genes
PCR designer for restriction analysis of various types of sequence mutation
Design of endonuclease restriction sites into primers for PCR cloning
PoPMuSiC, rationally designing point mutations in protein structures
The GeneAround GO viewer