Growth in Bioinformatics
Wavelets in bioinformatics and computational biology: state of art and perspectives
Novel organelle-targeting signals in viral proteins
Reconstruction of DNA sequencing by hybridization
A divide-and-conquer approach to fragment assembly
Representation of DNA sequences with virtual potentials and their processing by (SEQREP) Kohonen self-organizing maps
Genetic algorithms applied to multi-class prediction for the analysis of gene expression data
Evolutionary algorithms for finding optimal gene sets in microarray prediction
Analysis of whole-genome microarray replicates using mixed models
Prediction of biologically significant components from microarray data: Independently Consistent Expression Discriminator (ICED)
Simple rules underlying gene expression profiles of more than six subtypes of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients
Mining gene expression databases for association rules
MADGE: scalable distributed data management software for cDNA microarrays
Gene selection: a Bayesian variable selection approach
Predicting HIV drug resistance with neural networks
Finding the common structure shared by two homologous RNAs
Search for structural similarity in proteins
Whole-proteome interaction mining
Protein Structures and Information Extraction from Biological Texts: The PASTA System
Simulating complex traits influenced by genes with fuzzy-valued effects in pedigreed populations
Genetic Power Calculator: design of linkage and association genetic mapping studies of complex traits
MAVG: locating non-overlapping maximum average segments in a given sequence
An integrated genetic data environment (GDE)-based LINUX interface for analysis of HIV-1 and other microbial sequences
An extensible application for assembling annotation for genomic data
Microarray data assembler
XdomView: protein domain and exon position visualization
InterPreTS: protein Inter action Pre diction through T ertiary S tructure
ConSurf: Identification of Functional Regions in Proteins by Surface-Mapping of Phylogenetic Information
ModView, visualization of multiple protein sequences and structures
Detection of hydrogen-bond signature patterns in protein families