Computational and experimental analysis reveals a novel Src family kinase in the C. elegans genome
Chemometric Modelling based on 2D-Fluorescence Spectra without a Calibration Measurement
A study of accuracy and precision in oligonucleotide arrays: extracting more signal at large concentrations
A comparison of normalization methods for high density oligonucleotide array data based on variance and bias
Combinatorial image analysis of DNA microarray features
An associative analysis of gene expression array data
Rank order metrics for quantifying the association of sequence features with gene regulation
Gene finding with a hidden Markov model of genome structure and evolution
A generalized global alignment algorithm
A naive Bayes model to predict coupling between seven transmembrane domain receptors and G-proteins
Knowledge acquisition, consistency checking and concurrency control for Gene Ontology (GO)
Positional candidate gene selection from livestock EST databases using Gene Ontology
Fractional populations in multiple gene inheritance
FluxAnalyzer: exploring structure, pathways, and flux distributions in metabolic networks on interactive flux maps
Reconstruction of metabolic networks from genome data and analysis of their global structure for various organisms
A task framework for the web interface W2H
QuickLIMS: facilitating the data management for DNA-microarray fabrication
An efficient algorithm for minimal primer set selection
Efficient selective screening of haplotype tag SNPs
Simulating haplotype blocks in the human genome
Pedstrip: extracting a maximal subset of available, unrelated individuals from a pedigree
AVA: visual analysis of gene expression microarray data
Matrix2png: a utility for visualizing matrix data
SEGID: Identifying Interesting Segments in (Multiple) Sequence Alignments
RnaViz 2: an improved representation of RNA secondary structure
r8s: inferring absolute rates of molecular evolution and divergence times in the absence of a molecular clock
Chimera: construction of chimeric sequences for phylogenetic analysis
G-language Genome Analysis Environment: a workbench for nucleotide sequence data mining
A profile hidden Markov model for signal peptides generated by HMMER
MPID: MHC-Peptide Interaction Database for sequence-structure-function information on peptides binding to MHC molecules
TopDraw: a sketchpad for protein structure topology cartoons
DPX: for the analysis of the protein core
ARIA: automated NOE assignment and NMR structure calculation
Visualization and analysis of protein interactions