Triplet repeats in human genome: distribution and their association with genes and other genomic regions
Automatic analysis of DNA microarray images using mathematical morphology
Effective dimension reduction methods for tumor classification using gene expression data
PCA disjoint models for multiclass cancer analysis using gene expression data
Mapping multiple co-sequenced T-DNA integration sites within the Arabidopsis genome
The fuzzy polynucleotide space: basic properties
The Z curve database: a graphic representation of genome sequences
The estimation of relative site variability among aligned homologous protein sequences
Greedy mixture learning for multiple motif discovery in biological sequences
How Bayes tests of molecular phylogenies compare with frequentist approaches
MINRMS: an efficient algorithm for determining protein structure similarity using root-mean-squared-distance
Prediction of human protein function according to Gene Ontology categories
Dynamic modeling of genetic networks using genetic algorithm and S-system
TIGR Gene Indices clustering tools (TGICL): a software system for fast clustering of large EST datasets
DigiNorthern, digital expression analysis of query genes based on ESTs
Gene expression data preprocessing
Eng e ne: the processing and exploratory analysis of gene expression data
MatArray: a Matlab toolbox for microarray data
TRAIT (TRAnscript Integrated Table): a knowledgebase of human skeletal muscle transcripts
MENDB: a database of polymorphic loci from natural populations
MHCBN: a comprehensive database of MHC binding and non-binding peptides
GPCR-GRAPA-LIB—a refined library of hidden Markov Models for annotating GPCRs
PedNavigator: a pedigree drawing servlet for large and inbred populations
TreeSAAP: Selection on Amino Acid Properties using phylogenetic trees
DomCut: prediction of inter-domain linker regions in amino acid sequences
ASAP: automated sequence annotation pipeline for web-based updating of sequence information with a local dynamic database
Cellerator: extending a computer algebra system to include biochemical arrows for signal transduction simulations