Inference of transcriptional regulation relationships from gene expression data
FPV: fast protein visualization using Java 3D™
Integrative approach for computationally inferring protein domain interactions
Pathways database system: an integrated system for biological pathways
Terminology-driven mining of biomedical literature
Corrected small-sample estimation of the Bayes error
Computation method to identify differential allelic gene expression and novel imprinted genes
Microarray standard data set and figures of merit for comparing data processing methods and experiment designs
Approximate variance-stabilizing transformations for gene-expression microarray data
Fuzzy C-means method for clustering microarray data
Mining HIV dynamics using independent component analysis
Codon pairs in the genome of Escherichia coli
Generating consensus sequences from partial order multiple sequence alignment graphs
ProPred1: prediction of promiscuous MHC Class-I binding sites
3D-Jury: a simple approach to improve protein structure predictions
Observing and interpreting correlations in metabolomic networks
Hierarchical analysis of dependency in metabolic networks
Zerg: a very fast BLAST parser library
Visual representation of database search results: the RHIMS Plot
ACGT—a comparative genomics tool
Ligand-Info, searching for similar small compounds using index profiles
CAP: conformation angles package—displaying the conformation angles of side chains in proteins