ISMB 2003
ISMB 2003 Organization
Bayesian gene/species tree reconciliation and orthology analysis using MCMC
Methods for optimizing antiviral combination therapies
Remote homology detection
Predicting bacterial transcription units using sequence and expression data
SNP and mutation discovery using base-specific cleavage and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Glocal alignment
Linking genotype to phenotype
Stochastic modeling of RNA pseudoknotted structures
Fast identification and statistical evaluation of segmental homologies in comparative maps
Combining multiple microarray studies and modeling interstudy variation
Combining NLP and probabilistic categorisation for document and term selection for Swiss-Prot medical annotation
Annotation of bacterial genomes using improved phylogenomic profiles
Chain functions and scoring functions in genetic networks
Widespread predicted nonsense-mediated mRNA decay of alternatively-spliced transcripts of human normal and disease genes
Detecting protein sequence conservation via metric embeddings
Sensitive pattern discovery with ‘fuzzy’ alignments of distantly related proteins
Deriving phylogenetic trees from the similarity analysis of metabolic pathways
Using guide trees to construct multiple-sequence evolutionary HMMs
Protein structure prediction via combinatorial assembly of sub-structural units
Identification of functional clusters of transcription factor binding motifs in genome sequences
Complexity management in visualizing protein interaction networks
GENIA corpus—a semantically annotated corpus for bio-textmining
Predicting phenotype from patterns of annotation
Detection and validation of single gene inversions
Predicting protein function from protein/protein interaction data
An ENSEMBLE machine learning approach for the prediction of all-alpha membrane proteins
Talisman—rapid application development for the grid
The discovery net system for high throughput bioinformatics
Pair hidden Markov models on tree structures
Processing of natural language queries to a relational database
A tool to assist the study of specific features at protein binding sites
Using hidden Markov models to analyze gene expression time course data
Discovering molecular pathways from protein interaction and gene expression data
Genome-wide discovery of transcriptional modules from DNA sequence and gene expression
A probabilistic method to detect regulatory modules
Scaling up accurate phylogenetic reconstruction from gene-order data
Skew in CG content near the transcription start site in Arabidopsis thaliana
Gene structure-based splice variant deconvolution using a microarry platform
Extraction of correlated gene clusters from multiple genomic data by generalized kernel canonical correlation analysis
Evaluation of text data mining for database curation
Extracting synonymous gene and protein terms from biological literature