A comparative analysis of HGSC and Celera human genome assemblies and gene sets
ddbRNA : detection of conserved secondary structures in multiple alignments
Diametrical clustering for identifying anti-correlated gene clusters
The effect of replication on gene expression microarray experiments
Statistical significance analysis of longitudinal gene expression data
Comparison of statistical methods for classification of ovarian cancer using mass spectrometry data
An algorithm for constraint-based structural template matching : application to 3D templates with statistical analysis
Secondary structure prediction with support vector machines
Prediction of protein subcellular locations by support vector machines using compositions of amino acids and amino acid pairs
PRECIS : Protein reports engineered from concise information in SWISS-PROT
Comparison of sequence masking algorithms and the detection of biased protein sequence regions
Consensus alignment for reliable framework prediction in homology modeling
PathMiner : predicting metabolic pathways by heuristic search
MedScan, a natural language processing engine for MEDLINE abstracts
Intergenic sequence inspector : searching and identifying bacterial RNAs
Detecting putative orthologs
GFPE : gene-finding program evaluation
CGH-Plotter : MATLAB toolbox for CGH-data analysis
SignalViewer : analyzing microarray images
FindGDPs : identification of primers for labeling microbial trscriptomes for DNA microarray analysis
ESTAP—an automated system for the analysis of EST data
ProSAT : functional annotation of protein 3D structures
CRANN : detecting adaptive evolution in protein-coding DNA sequences
E-Cell 2 : Multi-platform E-Cell simulation system
Web-based exchange of biochemical information