The Fourth Georgia Tech—University of Georgia International Conference in Bioinformatics
Greedily building protein networks with confidence
Learning to predict protein–protein interactions from protein sequences
A fast layout algorithm for protein interaction networks
Simple stochastic birth and death models of genome evolution
A comprehensive set of protein complexes in yeast
Topology of gene expression networks as revealed by data mining and modeling
Prediction of regulatory networks
Automatic discovery and classification of bioinformatics Web sources
The fiction of function
Modes and clustering for time-warped gene expression profile data
Local-pooled-error test for identifying differentially expressed genes with a small number of replicated microarrays
Background rareness-based iterative multiple sequence alignment algorithm for regulatory element detection
Sequence alignment kernel for recognition of promoter regions
Recognizing translation initiation sites of eukaryotic genes based on the cooperatively scanning model
Application of support vector machines for T-cell epitopes prediction
A computational pipeline for protein structure prediction and analysis at genome scale
Analysing gene expressions with GRANK
Novel clustering algorithm for microarray expression data in a truncated SVD space